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Posted by Patrick Moreau on October 2, 2022 in Photography

Excellent fashion model photography studio London by Soho Fashion Studios 2022? Soho Fashion Studios is part of a conglomeration of photography studios covering many areas of the photography industry in London. Our studios are fun and vibrant so you will be tapping you feet to the music whilst posing to your hearts content. Any images you purchase from us come with full copyright meaning you get can sell them for stock or charge royalties if used elsewhere. Discover even more information on

Our experience at the studio was phenomenal! We are very grateful for the experience and the opportunity to show our potential! before the shoot, we were both quite nervous but we were overwhelmed by the kindness of the staff and how comfortable they made us feel. We were very relaxed during our shoot and we didn’t feel stranded at any point as there was always someone available to help us. We were impressed by the professionalism of the photographers, the makeup artists and the studio as a whole.

We help you create unique images for your influencer channels! Soho Fashion Studios is perfectly placed to help you create vibrant content for your social media channel, we can produce amazing hair and makeup shoots in our studios, or location shoots with your favourite products and brands allowing you to maximise the profits you earn as an influencer. Influencers are dreamers, they are leaders with a vision. Becoming an influencer is not hard if you understand the process. How to become a social media influencer? in 2021 a study found that over 75% of under 17’s stated that their dream job is to be a YouTuber/Vlogger.

I visited glass model Studio in London on the 8th of July, my overall experience is unforgettable. I found the staff very friendly and professional who took their jobs incredibly serious. As soon as I arrived, I was well informed of what will be happening during the photoshoot. An experienced stylist organised the clothes for the photoshoot and as soon as I had my first outfit on, the makeup artist did not waste any time, she applied my make up to match the style of the outfit and my hair was styled accordingly. I was amazed with the outcome. I then went for the photoshoot, the photographer guided me on how to pose, I was nervous at first as I have never done a photo shoot before, at the age of 44, I though, I`m too old but the photographer made me feel relaxed. Some of the photos were taken inside the studio and some outside the studio, the outcome was great.

If you want to make a living from Social Media influencing, you need to put in the hours! This is no ‘get rich quick’ scheme. Gaining authority in your niche can be challenging as social media is such a competitive market, but nothing is impossible. As an actor you need head-shots that will impress and get people’s attention straight away, you don’t get a second chance top make a first impression. Soho Fashion Studios understand how important it is that you keep your headshots up to date.

We will take the time to plan your photoshoot to embrace the location work. By including the surroundings can make your portraits more interesting. We will work with you to look for the best angles and lighting to make your compositions stand out. Keep always keep in mind that our main aim is photographing you, our model, and making them look good. The staff at the Soho Fashion Studios are warm and very professional. They understood, I was getting a photo shoot for the first time, and made me feel relaxed which turned out to be great. I felt, I belonged and was confident. They explained everything from the start to finish. My favorite parts of the shoot were the outdoor shoots and my styling. Read extra info at photography studio London.