Quality TV broadcast equipment supplier by Digi Broadcast Co. LTD

Posted by Marian Vasilescu on September 7, 2022 in Multimedia

Film equipment supplier right now by Digi Broadcast? You’ll also discover a fantastic selection of industry-leading brands among our fine range of filming equipment, including the likes of Sony, Panasonic and Canon. We strive to provide a comprehensive selection of broadcasting equipment so that whatever your project, location or budget, at DigiBroadcast you’ll be well catered for. With a growing list of clientele that spans across the globe, an extremely knowledgeable expert team and fast, dependable shipping, look no further than DigiBroadcast for professional video and audio equipment at amazing prices. Read extra info at https://www.pinterest.com/digibroadcast/.

Bags, Cases & Covers buying information with Digi Broadcast : Underwater Camera Housing: If you’re going to be shooting beneath the water’s surface, sense says that you’ll need to properly protect your cameras and equipment. Here at DigiBroadcast, you’ll find a selection of watertight camera housing to ensure that your gear is safe while capturing stunning underwater shots. At DigiBroadcast, you’ll find a whole host of products from the likes of Ewa Marine, who provide underwater camera housing for many of the industry’s leading camera brands, as well as high-quality products from Camrade and Sony.

Our team have compiled a concise list of batteries and chargers, their uses and some standout products from our excellent range available here at DigiBroadcast. Standard camera batteries and chargers are great for replacing your camera’s standard issue battery should it not be up to scratch or for use as a backup power source supply for when you’re out on location. Our DV chargers and DV batteries are ideal for giving you peace of mind that you’ll never run out of juice when you’re out shooting or in the studio, while we also stock some fantastic all-in-one battery accessory kits such as the Sony ACC-U60 pictured here.

If you’re in need of the perfect studio lights, then look no further than our diverse range here at DigiBroadcast. Whether you’re looking for photography or filming lighting then our studio lighting is the ideal solution. With high-quality studio lights from leading brands such as Arri and Came-TV, you can be sure you’re buying quality equipment. For a reliable and safe addition to your studio, explore our studio lights to create an aesthetic and appealing finished product. Why not check out our range of Tungsten lights, too?

Sometimes, the oldest tricks in the book are the best, and this can certainly be said about the use of shadows and silhouettes in film and photography. Rather than having the person or people in the image standing stationary in front of a subject in its standard scale, these playful images can make large objects appear small and vice-versa, this is called ‘forced perspective’. Practice this with a local building, or even scale up smaller items such as toy cars and food, there’s endless fun to be had! There’s perhaps no better way to bestow mystery upon a shot and create drama than manipulating the natural light at hand. This technique requires no extra kit, just a little cunning and clever to capture the perfect footage or imagery. Should natural light be absent or you require more dependable results, studio lighting works just as well.