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Posted by Patrick Moreau on June 18, 2022 in Internet

High quality web design company in East London, South Africa? Easy to use, search engine friendly, flexible website development platforms with unlimited functionality to grow as your business grows. We provide custom user-friendly content management systems (CMS), that allow you to easily make changes on the fly. Our Search engine optimization specialists can rank your business on the first page of Google and make sure your organic traffic flows. Websites can be pretty but if they aren’t seen they don’t sell, that’s what we do differently. See even more details on web design South Africa.

With all the website builders and tutorials at your disposal online today it’s easy to be tempted to rush off and build your website yourself and save some money. The value of a good web designer however is something you need to experience first hand. They will point out flaws in the design, navigation, layout, and site architecture. They have studied website trends across industries and know what users in a specific industry look for and how they use a website. A good designer also understands that a website is never a designer for himself or the business owner but the user. They focus on design principles, aesthetics, and usability of websites. A web developer is just as important and they tend to take care of the internals of the website. They make functionalities fluid by simplifying unscary code, debug your website, they create a back end, and strive for compatibility, security, and functionality.

Make sure on social media that your business is as engaging as possible. Provide feedback to customers asking questions. Pose open-ended questions that encourage discussion. Have all the relevant links available for people to click through so that they have easy access to the main website. It’s certainly impressive to see a growing list of supporters on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and more, but it’s the engagement with your website links that will begin to move the needle in search results.

Digital marketing is any marketing effort that you make online, and it is an important strategy to work on to increase the organic traffic (number of clicks) of your website. Digital marketing is an on-going process that you must put constant effort to stay competitive in the digital world. Digital marketing is a big field to work with, but it can be roughly categorized into inbound marketing and outbound marketing. Inbound marketing refers to a marketing methodology where you attract visitors and potential customers in rather than outwardly pushing your brand.

Educational websites will at most times have a top-level domain of .EDU. They are primarily used by educational institutions such as schools or businesses offering online courses. More advanced educational websites will have user subscriptions, and an (LMS) Learning management system installed on the backend. The LMS allows for control, monitoring, and allowing users access and participation in courses offered. Some Educational websites may sell products such as educational modules or books as an eCommerce store does. This means they will make use of payment gateways and subsequently will also need an SSL certificate. Because educational websites usually have many users with different levels of access to the website such as admins, students, super admins it’s very important to have high-grade security on these websites. They will also consume and create quite a large database. Discover additional information at