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Mocienne Petit Jackson books Portuguese edition out now – The dark side of the Netherlands

Mocienne Petit Jackson’s (Michael Jackson’s secret daughter) books are now available in Portuguese! We learn about the problems she encounters with the Child Protection Services, followed by many court cases. At first, the court cases related to her own situation, later on they turned into a battle for her son. The one unacceptable situation followed
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The dark side of the Netherlands book by Michael Jackson’s daughter on Barnes & Noble

Mocienne Petit Jackson book The dark side of the Netherlands launched in japanese and portuguese : I got to learn that the Dutch Court does not care about family life and Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights. I want to make a change regarding this because the Dutch Court is part of
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Marcus Memphis Shaw networth

Memphis Shaw, born Marcus Memphis Shaw in Memphis, Tennessee became an author after living a life no one would believe. After being apart of the street life since he was a little kid, Memphis turned his trials into triumph when he penned his first book, ‘In Debt with God’. He learned how to put his
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