Charleston and James Island, SC handyman home repair services

Posted by Marie Poppins on July 5, 2019 in Business

Handyman home repair service in Charleston offers a few advices regarding home repair. Ladder safety is a must with thousands of injuries (some fatal) caused by unsafe use of ladders every year. We have put together a guide here.

Having a screen door at the house has many benefits, but can sometimes require common home repairs. If the problem is just tension, just loosen up or tighten the tension adjustment screw at the end of the closer. If you must attach an entirely new screen door closer, this tutorial also has the right way of putting the closer so you’ll never have to worry about your screen door again!

If you have a seam that’s coming apart, reactivate the paste around the gap with a rag soaked in warm water. Hold the rag over the area for a minute or two, and then carefully open the gap a little larger so you’ll have more room for the sealer. Squeeze seam sealer (white glue works in a pinch) into the gap, and press the paper to the wall with a roller. Clean off the excess sealer with a sponge. Hoses only seem to last a few seasons before they spring a leak, and they aren’t cheap, so fixing dripping hoses is a smart move. Hardware stores stock hose repair kits and pieces, so whether water is coming out of the connector or somewhere in the middle of the hose, all you have to do is cut off (or out) the leaky bit and reconnect with the new hardware.

Check for mice nests near wiring, It’s not fun to have mice living with you, regardless of where they are. However, when they nest in places like your A/C units, garden machinery, and near electrical wiring, it can be disastrous. Make sure to check for mice in your home, or risk electrical faults and fires. Every time you use your dryer, you’re adding a little bit of lint to the vent. This means the dryer is less efficient at cooling down, and will take longer to dry your clothes. But it also turns dryers into fire hazards. Remove the vent at the back of the dryer, and vacuum the area. Alternatively, use a cleaning kit like this to make sure you’re maintaining this vital part of your home.

Adding a deck to create an outdoor space can be exciting for the entire family. Enjoying the wonderful South Carolina air with a family barbecue or sitting by the outdoor firepit on a cool winter evening, is a great way to relax. We can transform your outdoor living with a beautiful new deck. Our team can also renovate your current deck by making required deck repairs and adding a new coat of stain. Read more details at Handyman In Kiawah Island SC.