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Posted by Marian Vasilescu on February 16, 2019 in Architecture

Abel Prasad is a blogger , he writes a personal blog, but also tacklinkg many other topics. From short motivational texts to daily life advices, you can read a lot of interesting things on his blog.

He is also posting about hot subjects right now like defending your property or having a good social life.

Here is a small quote : Working from 9-5 you often are sitting and hardly moving, by standing you actually burn 50 calories per hour. If you work for an average of 7 hours a day that 350 calories just by standing.

Walk instead of sitting

Wanting to catch up with a friend for a coffee, get it to go and go for a walk around the suburb. A 20-minute walk burns 100 calories…..

You can read more about https://abelprasad.com

Abel is also running a hydro products / home brewing business, you can check it here https://bbhydroaustralia.com.au/. Here are some home brewing advices :

Clean and Sanitize!

Ask 10 different home or professional brewers for the best brewing techniques and you’re bound to get 12 different answers. However, there’s one point on which they’ll all agree: Sanitation is the most important part of making good beer. On brew day, you’re trying to create the best possible conditions for yeast to grow in and ferment your wort. (Wort, pronounced like “hurt” with a “w,” is what we call beer prior to fermentation.) Unfortunately, those are also the best possible conditions for beer-spoiling wild yeasts and bacteria lurking in the air and on the surface of just about everything around you. Sanitation will help keep them at bay.

Once you’ve cleaned any visible dirt or build-up from all of your equipment, you must sanitize everything that will come in contact with your wort after the boil (carboys, buckets, tubing, spoons, thermometers, etc.). I use an acid-based sanitizer like StarSan (1 ounce per 5 gallons of water) or an iodine-based sanitizer like Iodophor (1 tablespoon per 5 gallons of water). StarSan will sanitize clean surfaces with 30 seconds of contact time; Iodophor takes longer (at least 2 minutes, 10 minutes for hospital-grade sanitation). Both sanitizers should be drained, but neither requires rinsing. StarSan will leave behind quite a bit of foam, but that won’t hurt the wort.

Bottle on the dishwasher.

Bottling your homebrew takes time. From sanitizing the bottles all the way down to cleaning out the fermentor at the end, it can feel like a bottling session lasts as long as a brew session, especially if you’ve had an unfortunate spill or two. (I once let almost 5 gallons of sanitizer drain all over my kitchen floor because I didn’t realize one end of the siphon had silently slipped out of the bucket). This little trick can help save you a lot of mess: Bottle on the open lid of your dishwasher. Put your bottling bucket on top of the counter immediately above your dishwasher and fill your bottles on the open lid. Any spillage simply gets channeled into the dishwasher when you close the door-one less mess to clean up. Check out all the ways the dishwasher can help with your homebrewing.

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